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Many people think that Greece is just sun and beaches but is not only this.
During many years successfully have tailor-made programs for groups or individuals that would like to experience something more and perhaps focus on a certain theme during their holiday.

Here are some ideas of what themes SIRIOS TRAVEL can offer you all around Greece

City breaks (Thessaloniki, Athens)
cityCity tourism (City Break according to the international term) is an emerging trend,mainly amongst experienced travellers. It is directed at those people who do not simply wish for a 'superficial' stereotypedrelationship with popular urban destinations, but who seek deeper knowledge of culture, the actual lifestyle, pace and true character of a city.
Greek cities combine all the elements needed to attract the demanding visitor. Each Greek city has its own special colour and its entirely own urban character.
Even cities with only a short distance between them have completely different features and qualities

Wine & Gastronomy Mediterranean culture and tours
wineGreece, with a culinary tradition spanning 4,000 years, is the country which invented the symposium and which was home to the Epicurean philosophers. It was here, where the first book on cooking was written in 330 BC by Archestratus, a reminder that a country's cuisine is a measure of its civilization.
In the beautiful land of Greece, where nature and humans live in harmonious co-existence, in vineyards surrounded by idyllic landscape blessed with a privileged microclimate, wine, a basic and omnipresent element of the Greek culture, has been produced in abundance.

Natural and ecological tours
naturewMotor Yachts, Classic but Contemporary or Modern Yachts, Traditional Yachts, Motor Sailers, Motor Sailor, Sailing Yachts with crew, Catamarans, are offered in discounted rates and special offers all year for Travel Agents from our specialists in Yacht Chartering.
Experience a memorable Yachting Cruise Vacation Holidays Sailing Greek Islands, numerous Islands and picturesque traditional Isles this summer! Our activities vary from luxury cars & limousines rent, rental, to private flight arrangements bookings with private jet or helicopter. Greek tours with private luxury cars, luxury villas, suites, hotels, rent and bookings all over Greece. Technical support is a column with free advice by expert surveyor - engineer - Captain team.

Classical Greece Roundtrips (Archeological–cultural–historical)
clasicgreeceThe rich heritage of the Greek history spanning back four and a half thousand years has sown the harsh grounds around the Aegean with stones and artifacts that blossomfor centuries.

pilgrimsSIRIOS TRAVEL specializes in custom tours and pilgrimages to the holy pilgrim sites an places of interest of the Early Church and Eastern Christendom.
Our tour themes include Sacred Art, Christian Monasticism and uniquely tailored tours that combine elements of pilgrimage to the most revered sites of the Christendom with interesting educational historical excursions.

Youth Summer Camps
youthsummerSIRIOS TRAVEL offers very carefully selected youth summer camps. We strongly believe that the camp is not just a summer holidays:
Our goal is to offer children days of joy in a beautiful natural environment.
Through team work, games and the daily programme we have created a small, structured and organized society. While playing and having fun, children learn to: respect and accept
diversity, believe in equality and to work in teams. Our programme aims to develop both body and spirit through sports, entertainment and education.

Sailing – Yachting – private & VIP cruises
yaxtingDespite its small surface area, Greece is endowed with a particularly rich and diversified natural environment, with singular geomorphology intense contrasts and many regions with great economical value.
The country's abundant natural “gifts” -thousands of lace-like (indented) coasts, imposing mountains, caves and gorges, lakes, rivers, biotopes of rare beauty and unique ecosystems, coupled with the mild climate- rank it among the ideal destinations for ecotourism and
alternative forms of tourism.

Island Hopping (Accommodations , car , boat connection & transfers)
islandhoppingGreece has more than 3000 islands in the Aegean and Ionian Sea. Greek Island Hopping services by SIRIOS TRAVEL offer a flexible and affordable way to enjoy (at least) several of them.
Our team has designed dozens of island hopping packages that ensure your customers will spend some magical days on their sandy beaches, they will be able to taste the delicious traditional dishes, which are different on each island, the
magical nightlife with hundreds of clubs that stay open until the early hours, the hospitality of the locals and their culture.

Land & Ground handling for cruises customers
cruisesWe pride ourselves in providing the best components that ensure safe and enjoyable shore excursions. Our experienced staff, headed by our professional Cruise Operations Team, are always on hand to make sure all aspects of shore excursion operations go as smoothly as possible.

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